We work with founders, funders, and organizations to discover, validate, quantify, and evaluate new technologies and business ventures from the United States and abroad

Then we help to grow them in North America

                                            And Beyond


What We Do 

We provide Awareness 360 Situation Reports, a proprietary process of situational analysis that facilitates stakeholder understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of ventures and the related technologies and services.
Stakeholders use our Situation Reports to refine their technologies and services, business models, market and commercialization plans.


Investors use our Situation Reports before and after financing events to verify and validate as well as to identify and ameliorate risks.
Often we work with our Situation Report customers by providing Follow-On Consulting Services to implement our recommendations.


Our team includes many very experienced subject matter experts, professional writers and researchers, as well as financial  analysts and advisors. They include engineers, scientists, business executives, and professional services providers - typically with decades of experience
Although the names changed a couple of years ago, Barnraisers Group has been providing consulting services to owners of, and investors in, the community of small to medium size businesses since 1996.


Today our customers come from all around the world and are looking to find a beach head in North America [US and Canada].


We have touched over 25 different market verticals and worked with hundreds of companies. Our recent clients have come from across North America, Europe, and India. And some folks have been from New Zealand, Africa, and the Middle East as well.
We work with most any kind of business, technology or service. We prefer technology based businesses, however, these range from biotech and pharmacologicals to hard and soft tech.

Based in the heart of the Cambridge Startup Ecosystem and nestled up against MIT, our home office is located at the Cambridge Innovation Center in Kendall Square, Cambridge. We also have representatives in Texas, & Virginia {and soon in London, England and New York}.


Comprehensive Support Every Step of the Way

Situational Analysis for Founders and Managers

Barnraisers Group, LLC offers startups and small to mid-sized businesses its battle-tested, proprietary Situation Analysis Report that gives founders objective, 360-degree insight into their company’s strengths and weaknesses so that they can course-correct in real-time.


Whether you’re a serial entrepreneur or a first-time founder, the Barnraisers Situation Analysis Report is invaluable because:


  • It keeps you in the driver’s seat – remedy issues before you start fundraising - or after you already have funding

  • Its thorough 100-point analysis ensures that businesses receive a complete checkup, giving founders peace of mind, and empowering them to proceed with confidence

  • Don’t bring me problems, bring me solutions – if the report reveals issues that that need to be addressed, Barnraisers has a diverse team of expert advisors on-hand to help make your company a success


The Barnraisers Situational Analysis provides an objective snapshot of your company’s current state and true potential.

Situational Analysis for Investors

If you are an investor or investment manager, the Barnraisers Situational Analysis offers you invaluable & timely opportunity qualification and quantification of current projects already under management and new opportunities.

Professional financial modeling and valuation help you understand risk and value. Clear succinct milestone, market, and commercialization planning help you predict and plan for performance.

Situational analysis quickly provides an easy to read report assesses a company’s capital requirements, risk profile, hurdles to market entry, team experience, staff and management ability to reveal unforeseen pitfalls and misconstrued strategies.

Systems Integration Consulting

Barnraisers Group System Integration Services help our clients access new markets composed of customers looking for comprehensive turn-key solutions.  

Selling through a systems integrator is often a great path for foreign national companies with products and services that may be part of a bigger solution desired by the US government.

Barnraisers Group Global Position Services provide our clients with government relationship management, incentives optimization,  and location identification and placement for your business.

Often the supply chain, manufacturing, and/or distribution partners may have specific logistical requirements suggesting certain ideal geographic locations.

Our clear coordination of the key  stakeholders and factors affecting your entire organizaiton will help put your venture in the ideal location for success.

Global Position Consulting
Strategic Consulting

Upon the completion of the Situation Report, Barnraisers provides follow-on consulting services to help you execute recommended actions. We also work with you to develop new strategies to respond to changes in your business environment.

Consulting Services
Awareness 360 Situation Report
All Services Provided on a Confidential Basis under a Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement
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What Our Customers Say

Tom, Inventor of new energy technology

“After reviewing your report, our management team decided it would be best to reorganize. We now have 12 potential investors circling!”